Providing Everything You Need 

From Pre to Post-Production 

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We have a film production team ready to go no matter the size of a project. Here's a summary of some of the equipment we have on hand.

  • RED Komodo

  • Sony A1

  • Sony A7iii

  • DJI RS2 Camera Stabilizer

  • Glidecam Camera Stabilizer

  • Apurture 120d Mark ii

  • Apurture Barn doors

  • Aputure Soft Boxes

  • LED Panel Lights

  • Reflector/Diffuser

  • C Stands

  • Teleprompter

  • Zoom H5 Recorder

  • Zoom F1 Lavalier Microphone

  • Yeti Microphone

  • Boom Microphones & Boom poles

  • Sound Mixer board

  • PA speakers

  • Wedge Speakers

  • Sound Absorbing Shield


What makes our post-production stand out? We are a team of professionals that plays to our strengths to deliver the best possible product. Our Director works side by side with our editing team to maintain consistent messaging and quality of service.

Monitor showing audio editing for concert
Executive producer meeting with a client


Don't know what you want? No problem! Reach out today to schedule a consultation where we can go over your vision and what your goals are.


Due to Massachusetts’ film production incentives program, there has been significant growth in the industry in the past years. 

Tax incentives include:

  • 25% production credit

  • 25% payroll credit​

  • Sales tax exemption

For details, visit the Massachusetts State Film Office.